Additive Products


  • Silicone Surfactant for Flexible PU - Slabstock Foam. It is developed as universal silicone surfactant of high potency for the production of conventional as well as flame retardant flexible polyurethane slabstock foam based on polyether polyols.


  • Amine Catalyst is an accelerator for producing a polyurethane foam by reacting a polyol with a polyisocyanate.


  • It is used as a polyurethane catalysts in the production of flexible polyurethanes and elastomers.


  • It is used as a polyurethane colorant. (We can provide all type of colors.)


  • Also known as DICHLOROMETHANE. Methylene Chloride's volatility and ability to dissolve a wide range of organic compounds makes it a useful solvent for many chemical processes. Its volatility has led to its use as an aerosol propellant and as a blowing agent for polyurethane foam.


  • It is a volatile liquid. As it has low boiling point, it is used as blowing agent.

Bonding Glues

  • Used to forming bonds between multiple foams or foams to other materials. Available in both the solvent or water type.

Anti Splitting Agent

  • Used to eliminate the foam split when using calcium carbonate powder

Foam Elongator

  • use to increase the foam elasticity.

Foam Hardener

  • use to increase the hardness of the foam

Foam softener

  • use to decrease the hardness of the foam

Fire Retardant

  • use to add flame resistance property to the foam

Anti Discoloring Agent

Anti schorching agent

Anti Bacteria Agent

Anti Static Agent

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